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After moving, how furniture should be placed

    Feng Shui theories deeply rooted in people's hearts, what Feng Shui is good, especially after moving to a new house furniture how to be able to conform to Feng Shui, a lot can be. Following her three took some furniture movers give you general knowledge of Feng Shui.

    1, make-up mirror not being on the bathroom door. Home Feng Shui and mirror on the bathroom door, the main couple easily bad loss, personality feuds.

    2, black closed the mirror opposite the door. A door at the entrance, installed a large mirror, people walked in my image can be seen clearly. From a Feng Shui point of view, the mirror was on the door, mirror image, becomes a door to door, causing a family quarrel. Hangzhou Gongshu district moving company reminds you that too many mirrors in home, likely to be in a State of anxiety, Feng Shui theory, home of the mirror should not be too much, otherwise people tend to be mirror images, and hard to focus this way will make people anxious.

    3, stoves cannot is for kitchen and bathroom doors, if the doors to the bathroom, toilet, the door must be closed. Stoves if they are located in a layer below the floor of the bathroom, definitely unlucky, transform the best stoves. If you are unable to change, can be installed upward exposure lights. Stoves don't is located in the corner of the kitchen, cooking back to the kitchen entrance, kitchen stove should not be below the water tower, water that would fire, not Moss.

    4, so-called originally refers to the wood stove furnace paid entrance, gas stove, refers to the kitchen stove air intake, located behind the ignition switch. Furnace mouth angry party should as far as possible towards the master or mistress. If the kitchen design constraints cannot be furnace mouth toward the parents of any of the Kyrgyz side, managed to bring the furnace mouth towards his mother's sickness, we can enhance the harmony of family relations. According to these five elements in the book of order, is a wood in the East, South to fire, so the kitchen stove fire or wood to make a fire in the South East, are prosperous positions.

    5, kitchen stove display should follow the following rules, whether from the traditional Feng Shui, or from modern environmental and psychological perspective, are reasonable:

    (1) avoid stoves and way up, in the traditional Chinese concept of Feng Shui, that cooker is a cooking place, it would not be appropriate was quoted recently by the way straight.

    (2) avoid close to the sink, stove fire, sink water, fire, they should not be too close.

    (3) stoves to avoid vacant, due to lack of space, people often place the stove into a loft-like in the floating window or security online, according to tradition, it is best to make the stove "landing", the ancients believed such a good atmosphere conducive to wealth; from a modern security perspective, you can avoid many security risks.

    (4) avoid "poor sealage", the stove should not be placed in the West. Traditional Feng Shui believes that the West's "gold" gas furnace "fire" g, ominous. And sets in the West and lifeless, cooking meals, oven to absorb these "apathy" is inauspicious. Stoves for cooking food, sun light, easy to change, people get sick after eating.

    (5) balance of yin and Yang, the kitchen is rushing water where, if their balance, harmony, and is conducive to the prosperity of the family home. Kitchen for yin, is the place to store food instead of frequently used area for the whole family. However, if a corner of the kitchen as a casual dining area, you can increase the Yang of kitchen, kitchen, balance of yin and Yang.

    (6) the stove should not be said to his disciples, stove should not be facing the door or window, for gas furnaces and gas furnaces were blown by the wind will leak gas, is very dangerous.

    (7) oven avoid me de Cassis, when selecting a cooking stove or in building stoves, some colors are not suitable, such as red. Shanghai moving because red is fire, stove element fire; from the analysis on the psychology of color, red or easy to get angry, so better avoid, black should not be used.

    above is the West Lake area moving company to introduce you to after moving furniture arrangement, Feng Shui, I wish everyone a happy new home life.