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Moving personal experiences

    is now moving more, but moving house is a real headache, very complicated things, there will always be unexpected accidents occur, here we'll see Gongshu district moving companies to offer you the moving experience.

    from 1997 to the present more than 10 years, our family has to buy a House sell House has moved three times, on selected houses, home and decoration, especially on the purchase experience is quite deep. Here could not avoid to make some "fees" have some losses, while choosing materials also accumulated a lot of experience, which is not experience, but can also is showing, friends to be buyers ready to decorate your little tricks.

   , and to keys, decorators before entering the living, are generally required to own home computers, decorative materials publications, selected self styling and color pigments, this is all very well for everyone, especially young people. A problem not to be ignored is that decorators immediate construction as early as possible, as soon as possible. We prepare details for each owner should control the pre-construction issues, I am the first to observe the building or other buildings under construction in the construction schedule, spy on them early to buy the bricks, sand and cement goods, prices and went upstairs and removal costs, and so on. Because now every property for sale order, outlets in or near the park there are many bricks, they were easy to spot, but you go upstairs and charge for the expensive, but usually take two steps away, but it has the same service two prices affordable. The rest 500-800 I can, so start not before "cold hands and hot buns".

    second, the various types of open purchase checklist, review oversight is necessary, must before starting the construction they list it for you more detailed the better list of purchased materials. Generally speaking a list down to 30,000-50,000 range. I carefully check each name and use of the material, only asked because you can find them at the time of construction in installation and local treatment ideas. For example: in warm, hot and cold water pipe material all valves, as well as bathroom waterproofing materials, I was buying the best, because they are security guarantees in the future.

    was specifically raised here relating to the area of floor tiles, wall tiles, uses about electrical material, glue and its large number of white powder, the amount of paint. And don't keep in mind so that each type of Bill of materials materials purchased by Mark brand name, also marked their reference price convenience.

    third, buying materials they must go out, bargain, purchase materials, enter the material, don't let the seller know what you are shopping or lay order and Bill of materials could not be held in the hand. Reference approach is that you will want to buy goods in the Bill of materials be aware of, such as: today only want to buy plumbing parts, wants to buy electrical components only in the afternoon. So you sit in on other people in the market are sold in the market, and if there are vendors with good intentions they will play with you, in order to open them and sometimes you don't find price the price, this is a very important price information. In the transaction must recognize the brand, country of origin of goods, materials, payments to out of the box such as damage, a few lost or sent in transit matters, such as, credit card make sure you ask for, whether it meets with the above problems in more trouble. In addition, the shop staff to remember the seller's booth, rented vehicles served the purpose of information.

    four, depending on the purchase of commodities to shop around, look before you leap. Commodities are in a general home improvement tile (tile) fittings and flooring, kitchen cabinets, lighting and furniture can also be included. In front of the shop, first listen to the views of the construction workers, due to the new material, a new breed of change is ever-changing. Different decorators have their own habits of materials materials used, so we're as close as possible to their demands. In the family before entering the market, especially the couple who should have "tone" criteria, such as: color, price or style.