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Moving sad helpless

    moving is a nuisance, especially in young people fight outside and can't afford to buy a House, rent a House can't live my whole life, sometimes the House is to follow, and therefore moved into the routine of things. For those who like me always change their jobs becomes more frequent, but the feeling is always the big thing in me.

    reorganization last night clothes and groceries on the busy until three o'clock in the morning, 8:30 A.M. are still fast asleep and I was wakened by the telephone. Porter has been waiting outside the door. Leading the Porter has moved several times to me. They are the movers, three skilled bed, wardrobe, couch withdrew after carried on a tricycle.

    every time I move I'm going to go home for a period of time, although my mother always tells me, but his sharp tongue soft heart, and will be very worried about this away from her daughter.

    transport workers moved and moved the furniture that I moved my mother spent a lot of time taking care of a room on the second floor. Mother began to nag, but nagging filled with love and affection: "you calculate what? you are afraid of moving a dozen times. Mind to find a House, marry men that have such trouble? I give I get tired! don't know how do you think? "

    actually, I did not want to move, but bled there are always many reasons I had to move, who want to move it? who want to go out again and moving expenses?

    I think I'm much time is wasted in moving it, it is very necessary to have money to buy a House.