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Hostel moved ten points for attention

    is one year during graduation many graduates are now busy dormitory move, small talk today graduate dormitory dormitory what are the considerations when moving. Editor summarized the following ten points.

    1. moving day all involved in college student work group head and the class instructor should coordinate the relocation process at the site.

    2. removal process requires a rapid and orderly, the colleges strictly abide by arranged to move command group.

    3. each Department has a head, responsible for coordination in moving all instructors must be put in place.

    4. baggage building (rooms at the XI Yuan) loading, do not follow the student class loading.

    5. Faculty their own volunteers, responsible for the maintenance of order in front of the building, guarding and assisting girls to carry luggage.

    6. luggage tags must be affixed on each piece of luggage indicating occupancy bedrooms, and name of the Department (Westfield Office of Student Affairs will issue labelling of proofs to the Counselor of the Department).

    7. each car must be equipped with a car load of luggage belongs to the class of students (other students may not on their own into the luggage compartment vehicle), is responsible for the custody and care of the luggage.

    8. bike not as baggage, handled by the students.

    9. in order to ensure the safety of people and property, relocation please carry your student ID for access during inspection. All or depository in advance please carry valuables to a safe place. Including all its foreign staff, parents are not allowed in the designated area.

    10. relocation should pay attention to security personnel and goods and luggage into the room, should stay under guard, left the room should lock their doors.

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