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Most comprehensive moving should be prepared

    moving company's professional service worthy of your trust, but there are things you do some preparation in advance, to smooth the move into the new House.

    cleaning furniture cabinets, spraying, avoid bringing cockroaches to new homes. New home thoroughly clean up, spraying insecticide and drain in the corner. Check the new toilet drain hole is smooth, ceilings and walls are leaking, if there are areas in need of repair. Remember to take their computer hard drive data backup, just in case. Demolition of complex audiovisual equipment lines, preferably in line and do a number on the Terminal. Prior to the move should also pay attention to the following issues.

    move a few days ago to the attention of:

    1, documents, jewelry, books, securities central depository, if necessary to the Bank safes;

    2, connect the cable TV signal cable;

    3, the phone down or moving the machine formalities;

    4, relatives and friends notice change of address;

    5, property or to the electricity, gas and water company finally used, suspension of bank payment business;

    6, notify the post office and the milk companies change address;

    7, dismantle air conditioners and water heaters, washing and defrosting the refrigerator;

    electrical problems:

    a, TV: moving company first needs to do is the TV Pack. Another is placed towards the need to pay attention to, not the other way around, TV plug in the TV package, so that by the time television could not be found. Particular attention needs to be on TV

    screen protection.

    b, computers: all data saved in the computer, computer special boxes and protective materials packed in packaging marked the computer, reminded the West Lake area moving company master in the removal process to be careful!

    c, microwave, oven: before the container is fixed.

    d, audio: with soft items (preferably with items such as towels) wrapped in packing to protect, fix with adhesive tape, you can bind in the computer box.

    e, lighting equipment: first the lamp boxed, and put some newspapers to be fixed around the lamp box marked do not pressure.

    f, refrigerator: HOBA moved the day before to plug the refrigerator power out, moved into the new house orientation, please place 30 minutes after power on.

    g, printer: be sure to color palette and take down pallets from a laser or ink-jet printer, wait to move back.