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Move checked programs and matters needing attention

    shipping program:

    (1) to the Inspection Department inspection, after making sure that goods comply with transport regulations, by inspection personnel will cover some badge of the consignment to the shipper;

    (2) fill shipper, name, number and arrival, consignors, consignees and other information fill out the clear, standard packaging on which to pack the goods packaging;

    (3) has completed consignment note to the Division points weighing weigh from Secretary pounds and delivers the goods and exact number of red on a blue pencil to fill in the consignment note and cover one badge;

    (4) consignment to the ticket window, and pay the shipping costs, reimbursement for delivery by the Green and Red

    air consignment note:

    (1) shipper shall fill in the consignment, holding her ID card or other valid documents to the airline check and, if necessary, issued a letter of introduction;

    (2) the shipper should fill in the cargo consignment bill of the content as well as the authenticity and Guangzhou moving company is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided;

    (3) for different transport conditions or nature of the goods in the transport of goods, the shipper should fill in the shipment of goods, respectively.