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Moving company teaches you how to well moving

    moving company involved the interests of both sides, want to get the perfect in the deal, both sides better consultation prior to the move, sign your agreement is the best.

    a moving company to move to the most appropriate time: one week before moving to notify moving company, moving companies have ample time to deployment of manpower. If you select auspicious or lucky move, please inform the moving company earlier to avoid moving company no way out of the time you need. 2, best to avoid periods of heavy traffic moving to and from work. 3, if their circumstances permit, does not visit selection before dawn (before 7:00) time to move, this time because of the traffic situation best, moving companies also like at this time out of work. 4, each of the cars handling quality of the daily service for the first time (there will be no delay from the previous trip to carry out, and service personnel with better physical condition), so if possible, try to choose a service for the first time.

    a second after moving to settle: received the necessary permits: residential moving company phone pass jianggan district, covers, vehicle passes, parking permits, dog cards, active and greet neighbors, mutual understanding, establishing initial relations with their neighbors. And newspapers, the milk company, contact home service business. Inform all your friends and family a new home address, having a small party to celebrate in the new House.

    do you know move check the specific program?

    boss after moving the primary issue of concern. After moving into the new Hangzhou moving company prices, boss is most concerned about is the company's phone system, network system has been successfully switched, whether it is working properly. Because the company's phone system, network system is the lifeblood of a company, determine whether the company is able to operate normally, so for administrative personnel and company management must be particularly well this programme of work, for each step of the process to this work very well. Once a problem is discovered to rapid response, contact the vendor or service company solving problems related

    Hangzhou move checked. Checked program: (1) to inspection at inspection, confirmed goods meet transport provides Hou, by inspection personnel will cover was badge of checked single to checked people; (2) right fill in checked single, will name, and pieces number, and station, and shipping people, and consignee, information detailed fill in clear, according to goods packaging standard to package at playing good packaging; (3) holding has fill good of checked single to Division pounds at check pounds weighed, by Division pounds Member will goods of pieces number and accurate number with red blue pencil fill in in checked single Shang, and cover people badge (4) a consignment note to the ticket window, and pay the shipping costs, reimbursement for delivery by the Green and red. Aviation checked note matters: (1) checked people should fill in checked book, holding I ID or other effective documents to airlines handle checked procedures, necessary Shi issued units introduction; (2) checked people should by fill goods checked book in the of the content and by provides information of authenticity and Hangzhou moved company phone, accuracy is responsible for; (3) for transport conditions different or for goods nature cannot in with transport of goods, checked people should respectively fill in goods checked book.

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